Resources and Workshops

Resources & Workshops

Ulster Badminton are committed to the development and support of all badminton coaches currently working in clubs, schools, community programmes, squads and other environments across the province. We work closely with Badminton Ireland in delivering Badminton World Federation Coach Education courses and more information on these is available via the link below.

In addition to education courses we offer workshops and programmes for coaches of all levels to support them in their work. We look to run workshops regionally to cut down on travelling for coaches allowing them to access support in their local area. Overall the last few years we have delivered different workshops across the province focusing on different aspects of the game, such as Footwork to Music, Player Centred Coaching and Technique Development.

If you are a coach keen to upskill their knowledge or interested in getting involved in coaching then please contact our Club and Coaching Officer via email at:

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Footwork To Music, Vol 1’ DVD’s are now available to buy from Ulster Badminton


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